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1-on-1 + Group Offerings


1-on-1 Journaling Sessions

You want to journal to my original and curated prompts but can't make it to my Bi-Weekly Community Offerings? That is totally fine! When you sign up for a 1-on-1 Journaling session with me, you get to choose a time, date, and journaling theme/topic that aligns best for you! How does that sound?


Group Offerings for Organizations

If you are interested in me hosting a Meditation and/or Journaling workshop for your organization, company, and/or community please click below.


Upcoming Community Offerings

Community offerings allow my work to be accessible and affordable to you. They will range from free to a sliding scale.


These community offerings will provide a sacred space to pause and sit with our current feelings & navigate themes within our lives. We will journey through several practices along the way by the way of meditation and journaling.


Upcoming Gathering(s):


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